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Public Health Essentials In Action Online

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The Western Region Public Health Training Center is proud to offer the online version of the face-to-face course, Public Health Essentials In Action.  This multimedia training provides  a dynamic look at  some of the most fundamental aspects of public health from the unique points of view of members of the workforce and community members. Learners will gain a grounded understanding of the Three Core Public Health Functions and the Ten Essential Public Health Services.

Learners are asked to develop an action plan detailing immediate, short term, and long term goals that they will strive towards in building a capacity to better serve their public health community. The goals in the action plan relate to the learner's role in the delivery of services as they relate to the systems management section of the Public Health essentials continuum. 


What You'll Learn

  • Describe and define public health.
  • Identify the role your work plays in public health.
  • Define three social determinants of health.
  • Recognize the three Public Health Core Functions.
  • Relate examples of each of the Ten Essential Public Health Services.
  • Discuss the role individuals and teams in the workplace play in good health outcomes for the community.

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