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Orientation to Local Public Health in Massachusetts

This is an introductory course offering CPH and RS — Free
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In Massachusetts, there are 351 cities and towns, each with its own board of health or health department. Their primary mission is to support community wellness and to prevent hazards and illness from spreading through the community. This training is an orientation to the public health system in Massachusetts and summarizes the critical responsibilities of a local board of health (LBOH) in Massachusetts.

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And, "I think this was a worthwhile hour. The second half is really specific to Massachusetts but still informative."

What You'll Learn

  • Define public health according to the CDC Foundation
  • Identify the department and division that provide the framework of the national public health system
  • List the five goals of Healthy People 2030 and the three core functions of public health
  • Give examples of the 10 Essential Public Health Services
  • Describe the public health system and legal authority for public health laws and regulations in Massachusetts
  • Explain LBOH options for governance and staffing
  • Summarize the activities of major LBOH program areas