The Quality Standards for Training Design and Delivery

v 1.0 Online Learning Edition

The Quality Standards have been developed and tested over several years with input and engagement from  hundreds of public health practitioners. The result is the first ever, research-tested tool to assess quality in public health online learning.



    Quality Standards v 1.0


    The Quality Review Process

    The Learning Navigator saves you time, by doing the hard work of finding quality, online learning opportunities. Our quality review process is transparent, and supports continued improvement for learners and training developers alike. Before a training is featured on the Learning Navigator, it must proceed through the following quality validation steps:

    1. Nomination: Anyone can nominate a training for inclusion in the Navigator. On occasion, our team will actively search for training to address immediate workforce needs, such as response to a natural disaster or illness outbreak.
    2. Screening: Once submitted, each training is screened to ensure the training format and content are appropriate to enter the peer review process.
    3. Peer Review: Once screened, training is sent to three external, peer reviewers. The reviewers assess each training in accordance with the Quality Standards for Training Design and Delivery v 1.0 Online Learning Edition. 
    4. Award of Quality Seal: Training that successfully completes the peer review process will be featured on the Learning Navigator and receive a Public Health Learning Navigator Quality Seal that certifies the quality of the learning opportunity. Training developers should leverage this seal in promotional efforts, such that learners seeking a quality training experience will know the training received external review and validation.