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Safe at Every Stage: Injury and Violence Prevention and the Developing Brain

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This informative and practical course is designed to help you understand and plan developmentally appropriate injury and violence prevention efforts that take into account the latest research on brain development. Using examples, interactive exercises, and real data sources, the course walks you through the process of analyzing injury and violence data through a developmental lens to tailor and implement your efforts. It also guides you through connecting with partners and communities to plan and work together on applying this knowledge to injury and violence prevention efforts. Learners may benefit from participating in the course over three sessions.

What You'll Learn

  • Explain the importance of linking research on brain and social development with injury and violence prevention
  • Identify the steps necessary to analyze injury and violence prevention data through a developmental lens
  • Use data analysis and research to improve child and youth injury and violence prevention efforts
  • Plan, implement, and evaluate developmentally tailored interventions
  • Advocate for developmentally tailored interventions in public health

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