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Leading Improvement Projects

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This online training will cover from start to finish what to expect in a quality improvement (QI) project. This training was developed for people that will be helping to facilitate QI projects within their agency and are looking for tools, templates and experience with doing so.  Registering for this training gives you access to an online toolkit, which includes these modules:

  • The Process
  • Scope & Resources
  • LEAN Problem Solving

You may access the materials within the toolkit in any order. This is designed to be a resource you can easily return to as needed.

The toolkit was developed in partnership with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Office of Partnership, Planning and Improvement and the Colorado Association for Local Public Health Officials (CALPHO) for public health agencies in Colorado; however, those working in other states and in other settings may find it useful as well.


What You'll Learn

  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Utilize a set of quality improvement (QI) tools for problem solving
    • Defining problems and measuring processes
    • Process mapping
    • Finding root causes (using the 5 Whys)
    • Prioritizing solutions
    • Creating an implementation plan and follow up
  • Identify and treat root causes of waste and variation
  • Utilize a set of facilitation and project management skills
  • Demonstrate how to incorporate change management practices into their work

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