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Building Expertise in Administration & Management (BEAM)

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Building Expertise in Administration & Management (BEAM) is a leading-edge online certificate program that imparts to mid-level public health professionals the financial and managerial skills that drive successful public health organizations. Reflecting real-world practice experience, BEAM was developed by nationally recognized public health thought leaders, and experts at the University of Miami and the de Beaumont Foundation.

BEAM’s case studies draw from real-world historical and contemporary public health scenarios that can be applied immediately in the public health workplace, enhancing individual careers and advancing organizations and the public health profession nationwide.

Students who have successfully completed the program, including a final exam, will receive the BEAM Certificate signed by both the deans of the University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine and Miami Herbert Business School.

*Note: You'll have 90 days from your date of purchase to complete the course. 

This learning opportunity addresses training topics identified in PHWINS 2017. 

BEAM covers public health administration and management topics critical to successfully developing and implementing public health initiatives, building thriving organizations, and promoting positive community outcomes.

BEAM promotes best practices that increase funding opportunities and improve community outcomes, providing valuable employee recruitment, development, and retention opportunities, and fulfilling accreditation requirements.

Reviewers say, "Use the notes pad on potential applications of this training. It is super easy to access the organized ideas after completing the training. And, your good ideas throughout the training will help you take a quick step forward implementing your new skills."

And, "It's worth it to follow their instructions about pop-ups. I didn't at first and when I tried to click on resources within the module, I got kicked out and had to re-enter."

"Space out the training so it is easier to understand. Each module contains a lot of information."



What You'll Learn

  • Identify strategies for understanding the true nature of public health problems
  • Develop a program budget and narrative
  • Procure services to help achieve programmatic goals
  • Execute and manage contracts
  • Assess the financial health of individual programs and their relevance to an agency’s overall financial health

Competency Terms

Financial Planning & Management Skills
Public Health & Health Care Funding
Proposal Writing
Contract Negotiations
Financial Analysis
Team Building
Performance Management

Related Occupations

Business Support - Accountant/Fiscal
Clerical Personnel - Administrative Assistant
Clerical Personnel - Secretary
Grant & Contracts Specialist
Human Resources Personnel
Other Business Support Services
Other Facilities/Operations Worker
Other Management & Leadership
Other Professional
Public health - multiple occupations will benefit
Public Health Manager/Program Manager

Related Job Tasks

Build and maintain a strong organizational infrastructure for public health
Build and support a diverse and skilled public health workforce