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School Health Index: A Self-Assessment and Planning Guide

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The School Health Index is a tool to assess your school’s health and safety policies and programs, and develop a plan for improvement. It was developed by CDC in partnership with school administrators and staff, school health experts, parents, and national nongovernmental health and education agencies. It is structured around the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model.


Reviewer tips:

"The information is fairly clear and could be useful to teachers, parents, community members who want to participate in a School Health Improvement process."

"When you finish one of the videos, YouTube shows you more videos from the course, but not necessarily in order. Use the NEXT button every time to stay in order."

"View in full screen and take notes. Listen carefully in preparation to the simulated reviews where you are scored."

What You'll Learn

  • Become familiar with the school health topics covered in the School Health Index modules.
  • Become familiar with the steps for implementing the School Health Index.
  • Become familiar with the School Health Index process of conducting an assessment and developing an improvement plan.

Competency Terms

Analytical/Assessment Skills
Data Analysis
Community Health Assessment
Policy Development/Program Planning Skills
Community Health Improvement Planning
Community Engagement
Community Assets
Public Health Science Skills
Application of Public Health Sciences

Related Occupations

Health Educator
Health Officer
Other - Schools
Program Director
Public health - multiple occupations will benefit
Public Health Informatics Specialist
Social Worker

Related Job Tasks

Monitor health status to identify and solve community health problems
Conduct community assessments
Diagnose and investigate health problems and health hazards in the community
Investigate health problems, including environmental health
Inform, educate, and empower people about health concerns
Mobilize community partnerships and action to identify and solve health problems