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The People, Power, and Pride of Public Health

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Preview the course. This training provides an engaging overview of the incredible accomplishments and promise of the public health field. The first module includes interviews with legendary public health figures whose work led to millions of lives saved with vaccines, air bags and car seats, and the federal Women Infants and Children (WIC) nutrition program. The second module brings key public health tools to life -- including use of data, communications, and policy - through discussions with experienced professionals who have used these tools to save lives. The third module includes a "Carpool Karaoke"-style trip through Baltimore County, Maryland with NACCHO President Dr. Umair Shah to see and hear real public health workers talking about how they serve their communities. Learners will come away from this course with a deeper understanding of the public health field and a greater enthusiasm for their own work in public health. 

Learners can expect to participate in innovative activities that rely on other learner comments asynchronously. The training offers strong reflective questions to emphasize learning and application. The innovative learning format allows the learner to visualize their own work in the larger public health picture. 

The training producer offers a free version and a paid version of the course.

What You'll Learn

  • Explain what public health is
  • Identify public health milestones and accomplishments
  • Describe why public health is important
  • Describe how communication is used in public health
  • Describe how policy is used in public health
  • Describe how surveillance is used in public health
  • Recognize public health at work in the world and in your community
  • Express how you contribute to public health


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