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Leading Change in Informatics and Data Analysis

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Change is a constant in both our personal and professional lives. The idea that human beings naturally resist change is deeply ingrained into our culture and how we think about change. This course provides public health professionals with a foundation in change management and practical tools for utilizing formal change management for an informatics or data analytics project.

Reviewers say, "Print out the workbook to follow along during the training. Also, you have to get all the knowledge checks 100% to move on to the next sections but you can retake them as many times as you need."

This learning opportunity topic is aligned with one or more of the strategic skills.  

This learning opportunity addresses training topics identified in PHWINS 2017.

What You'll Learn

  • Define change management.

  • Describe the link between formal change management and informatics and data analytics projects.

  • Review the history of formal change management.

  • Describe change management methods and tools that are applicable for creating successful organizational change.

  • Discuss the association between informatics and change. 

Competency Terms

Analytical/Assessment Skills
Data Analysis
Public Health Informatics
Information Dissemination
Change Management

Related Occupations

Department/Bureau Director
Deputy Director
Health Officer
Other Management & Leadership
Other Professional
Program Director
Public health - multiple occupations will benefit
Public Health Informatics Specialist

Related Job Tasks

Assess and monitor population health status, factors that influence health, and community needs and assets
Communicate effectively to inform and educate people about health, factors that influence it, and how to improve it
Create, champion, and implement policies, plans, and laws that impact health