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Six Steps to Performing a Community Health Assessment

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This training documents the steps to performing a Community Health Assessment. A Community Health Assessment is a process of collecting, analyzing, and reporting information about the needs, strengths, and assets in a community. An assessment can document and raise awareness about unmet community needs, identify and prioritize areas for improvements, and create a community-partnered process for drawing on assets to implement health improvements.

Taught by Dr. Amy Carroll-Scott, Assistant Professor at the Dornsife School of Public Health, this online, self-paced training is for public health professionals who work or provide services at the community level, including those at health departments and non-profit organizations.

While the modules of this Community Health Assessment training were meant to build on each other, they can also be viewed in accordance with your organization’s stage of readiness.

Under each training video, you will find a link to the corresponding chapter in the manual and worksheets.  We highly recommend using these tools as you watch the videos. Each step also has a list of current resources to further support you on your learning journey.

This training is best viewed in full screen and take a total of 5 hours to complete (~4 hours of video, ~1 hour of post-testing and worksheets).

This learning opportunity addresses training topics identified in PH WINS 2017 .

What You'll Learn

  • describe the process of collaboration with community members and community leadership to perform a Community Health Assessment (CHA);
  • identify community health issues on which to focus a CHA;
  • identify, collect, analyze, and synthesize community health data; and
  • communicate data results to create change in your community

Competency Terms

Assessment (surveillance and epidemiology)
Analytical/Assessment Skills
Community Health Assessment

Related Occupations

Community Health Worker