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Developing a Business Plan Canvas for Public Health

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This course gives “basics” of business planning for public health, then introduces participants to a single-page “canvas” tool which can quickly outline a basic business plan.

This learning opportunity topic is aligned with one or more of the strategic skills.  

This learning opportunity addresses training topics identified in PHWINS 2017. 

What You'll Learn

  • Identify when a business plan is appropriate in public health practice
  • Use a planning tool to get started on innovative, revenue-generating ideas with partners
  • Quickly outline a business concept
  • Assess feasibility of a project

Competency Terms

Financial Planning & Management Skills
Governmental Agencies
Financial Analysis

Related Occupations

Business Support - Accountant/Fiscal
Department/Bureau Director
Deputy Director
Grant & Contracts Specialist
Health Officer
Other Management & Leadership
Program Director
Public health - multiple occupations will benefit
Public Health Agency Director
Public Health Manager/Program Manager

Related Job Tasks

Build and maintain a strong organizational infrastructure for public health