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Community Health Worker Training COVID-19 Module

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Community health workers (CHWs) are essential public health professionals and need trustworthy and culturally appropriate COVID-19 information and tools.

This interactive CHW COVID-19 eTraining module covers crucial topics for CHWs including:

  • Various roles CHWs can take in combating the spread of the coronavirus
  • How to talk with community members about COIVD-19
  • Disease spread and how to prepare and protect themselves, their family and their homes
  • Common symptoms, testing options and how to safely connect clients to health care services
  • Steps to take when sick and caring for someone who is sick
  • Myths, facts and reducing COVID-19 stigma
  • Managing stress, anxiety and how to practice self-care

The CHW COVID-19 eTraining module is the most recent module in MCD's online Community Health Worker Online Training Program. Other modules in the Community Health Worker Online Training Program cover chronic disease management including high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, diabetes, asthma, breast cancer, cervical cancer and colorectal cancer.

All content is offered both in English and Spanish. Participants receive certificates of completion.

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(Coronavirus - COVID-19)

What You'll Learn

  • Define the novel coronavirus, COVID-19
  • Explain to clients how COVID-19 is spread and how to protect and prepare themselves, their family and their home
  • List groups that are at higher risk for serious COVID-19 complications
  • Know what the most common symptoms and current testing options are
  • Describe what steps a person can take when sick and caring for someone sick
  • Learn to help clients manage stress and anxiety
  • Review frequently asked questions and explain the facts and myths about COVID-19
  • Learn about stigma related to COVID-19, how to reduce it and why it is important to do so
  • Learn the reasons why prioritizing your own self-care is so important, and identify common self-care techniques

Competency Terms

Assessment (surveillance and epidemiology)
Communicable Disease Control
Emergency Preparedness and Response (all hazards)
Community Dimensions of Practice Skills
Community Programs & Services

Related Occupations

Community Health Worker