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Standard Precautions in Ambulatory Care Setting: The Basics of Hand Hygiene

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This course provides an overview of standard precautions, the practice of hand hygiene and the role of healthcare staff in preventing the spread of infections to themselves, colleagues and patients. The course may be taken in more than one sitting.


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What You'll Learn

  • Define Standard Precautions
  • List at least two reasons why hand hygiene is important to infection prevention
  • Recall when hand hygiene should be performed
  • Recall how long hands should be rubbed when using long soap
  • Recall two advantages of using alcohol- based rubs

Competency Terms

Communicable Disease Control

Related Occupations

Other Physician
Other Professional
Other Registered Nurse-Clinical Services
Public Health/Preventative Medicine Physician
Registered Nurse - Community Health Nurse
Registered Nurse - Unspecified