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International Travel Preparation, Safety, & Wellness

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This course will prepare you to work and live overseas. It explores the epidemiology of common morbidity and mortality among travelers and examines key prevention, safety, and travel medicine principles and services to contextualize risks and maintain wellness. The course reviews applicable interventions, appropriate vaccines, and personal protection methods to prepare you to respond to expected and unexpected situations and will challenge you to examine travel health and safety priorities through case studies and discussions.

Reviewers say, "The course seemed to be geared to a specific audience, but there is valuable information for anyone traveling or moving overseas. I would encourage learners to focus on the information that applies to their specific context."

Another tip, "Check your email for confirmation and you will not get the certificate unless you pay for it."

What You'll Learn

  1. Determine what resources and services (visas, consular services, insurance, travel assistance etc.) are required for international travel and work and understand when to engage them

  2. Locate and evaluate resources for identifying region-specific health concerns, required immunizations, and travel medicine services

  3. Practice safe travel protocols, including registering with your embassy, understanding different organizations' evacuation plans, and traveling in groups

  4. Create a travel plan using knowledge of risks, preventive measures, and interventions as applied to a country

  5. Examine ethical dilemmas in global health field experiences

  6. Define cultural competence and consider the impact of cultural differences on overseas experiences

Competency Terms

Strategic Planning
Cultural Competency Skills
Public Health Science Skills

Related Occupations

Behavioral Health Professional
Community Health Worker
Department/Bureau Director
Deputy Director
Information Technology Specialist
Physician Assistant
Program Director
Public health - multiple occupations will benefit
Social Services Counselor
Social Worker
Student - Professional & Scientific