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Human Health Effects of Climate Change

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Do you know how climate change will affect health in your community and what you can do to reduce climate-related impacts?

Following a short overview of the causes and mechanisms of climate change, this informative course reviews current and expected human health impacts, with particular emphasis on impacts in Vermont and the northeast. These include heat-related illness, water-related impacts, vector borne diseases, air quality impacts, and mental health and well-being. Because climate change affects some people more than others, populations of concern and measures of vulnerability are addressed. The course includes plenty of helpful and timely resources, and culminates with examples of strategies used in Vermont and nationally to reduce climate change impacts on health and to improve health through climate change mitigation actions. 
Learners can select Level 1 for an overview or Level 2 for a deeper exploration of the five types of health impacts. 

What You'll Learn

  • Explain how and why the climate is changing.
  • List the health conditions exacerbated by climate change, explain how weather/climate affects each health condition, and how we expect future climate change to modify health risks.
  • List those populations more vulnerable to the effects of climate change and explain why they are vulnerable.
  • Describe the health co-benefits of climate change mitigation strategies.
  • Describe climate adaptation and preparedness strategies to reduce climate-related health risks.

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