School Health Institute for Education and Leadership Development

The Essentials of School Nurse Leadership

This is an all levels course offering CPH — $90.00
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This course is intended to provide the learner with the foundational tools and actionable strategies that align with modern leadership practices. It endeavors to enhance knowledge, skills, and behaviors so nurses can be successful in the school setting and act as leaders in their community.

Reviewers say, "In my opinion, the course aligns perfectly with its stated objectives and "It's clear that the creators of the course went the extra mile to provide students with a well-rounded learning experience."


What You'll Learn

  • Summarize the leadership responsibilities of a School Nurse Leader 
  • Outline key competencies required to lead self, others, and organizations effectively 
  • Evaluate strengths and growth opportunities of personal leadership competencies  
  • Identify action steps for leading self, others, and organizations that will increase your effectiveness as a school nurse leader 

Competency Terms

Leadership & Systems Thinking Skills

Related Occupations

Public health - multiple occupations will benefit
Registered Nurse - Unspecified

Related Job Tasks

Communicate effectively to inform and educate people about health, factors that influence it, and how to improve it
Strengthen, support, and mobilize communities and partnerships to improve health