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Determinants of Health

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In this module you will hear from University of Michigan faculty as well as practitioners from the Great Lakes region about the conditions in which people can be healthy and the various factors that determine our health. Addressing the social determinants of health will be important to reaching health equity where everyone can achieve their best health.


Reviewers say, "The training is very basic in nature but provides a good overview of the subject for anyone not yet introduced to Social Determinants or looking for a refresher."

What You'll Learn

  • Explain biological and genetic factors that affect a population’s health
  • Explain effects of environmental factors on a population’s health
  • Explain behavioral and psychological factors that affect a population’s health
  • Explain the social, political and economic determinants of health and how they contribute to population health and health inequities

Competency Terms

Population Diversity
Cultural Influence on Policies, Programs, & Services
Policy, Program, & Service Impacts
Public Health Science Skills
Foundation of Public Health

Related Occupations

Health Educator
Other - Schools
Other Management & Leadership
Program Director
Public health - multiple occupations will benefit
Public Health Manager/Program Manager
Social Services Counselor
Social Worker
Student - Professional & Scientific

Related Job Tasks

Inform, educate, and empower people about health concerns