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Economic Evaluation

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1.75 hours


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Economic factors can play an important role in decision-making on public health interventions. This 1.75-hour module will show you how to apply economic evaluation to public health decisions. It will cover key terms and the basic steps involved in conducting an economic evaluation.

This is module 7 of the Evidence-Based Public Health Training Series. It is meant to stand alone, but you may also take it together with the other modules in this series to receive a certificate in Evidence-Based Public Health.

Reviewers say, "Recommend a laptop as there are links that will open a new tab or window to view/DL content (great for accessibility) Videos may have higher quality audio on a PC/Mac."

What You'll Learn

  • Explain the differences between types of economic evaluations most often used in public health
  • Define key terms used in economic evaluations
  • Describe the steps involved in conducting an economic evaluation

Competency Terms

Analytical/Assessment Skills
Policy Development/Program Planning Skills
Communication Skills
Financial Planning & Management Skills

Related Occupations

Business Support - Accountant/Fiscal
Grant & Contracts Specialist
Other Business Support Services
Other Management & Leadership
Other Professional
Program Director
Public health - multiple occupations will benefit
Public Health Agency Director
Public Health Manager/Program Manager

Related Job Tasks

Plan public health programs
Evaluate effectiveness, accessibility, and quality of personal and population-based health services
Analyze & Interpret data
Manage public health programs
Financial management (including managing budgets)
Feasibility Planning