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Advocacy Communications for Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change

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This self-paced training covers the basics of developing an advocacy communications strategy and provides some practical opportunities to develop and deploy a strategy of your own. It features a number of interactive exercises, as well as a podcast component focused on the concepts of policy surveillance and legal epidemiology and tools to incorporate them into your work.

This learning opportunity topic is aligned with one or more of the strategic skills.  

This learning opportunity addresses training topics identified in PHWINS 2017. 

Reviewer tips are, "Account required, but easily set up. I ran the course in Safari, and once in a while I had to tap the volume button to get the audio to play."


What You'll Learn

  • Define policy, systems, and environmental change and the six phases to achievement
  • Identify steps needed to develop a policy/advocacy communications and engagement strategy
  • Recognize the possible roles of individuals, organizations, and coalitions in public health policy/advocacy communications and engagement strategy
  • Practice developing an advocacy communication plan

Competency Terms

Community Partnership Development
Environmental Public Health
Policy Development & Support
Policy Development/Program Planning Skills
Policy, Program, & Service Development
External Policies, Programs, & Services
Communication Skills
Community Input
Policy, Program, & Service Impacts
Community Dimensions of Practice Skills
Relationship Building
Partner Collaboration
Community Engagement
Systems Thinking
Change Management
Advocacy for Public Health

Related Occupations

Behavioral Health Professional
Community Health Worker
Department/Bureau Director
Deputy Director
Grant & Contracts Specialist
Health Educator
Health Officer
Medical Examiner
Other - Schools
Other Management & Leadership
Other Professional
Program Director
Public health - multiple occupations will benefit
Public Health Agency Director
Public Health Manager/Program Manager
Public Health/Preventative Medicine Physician
Registered Nurse - Community Health Nurse
Social Services Counselor
Social Worker
Student - Professional & Scientific

Related Job Tasks

Inform, educate, and empower people about health concerns
Mobilize community partnerships and action to identify and solve health problems
Develop community partnerships
Serve on committees, boards, or task forces
Develop policies and plans that support individual and community health efforts
Develop public policy or regulations